Thursday, 15 September 2016

Country Life

I love living in the country. The sights the sounds and yes, most of the times the scents. Although I must admit there are those lovely spring days when the farms are spreading liquid manure, yup, the fancy name for liquid poop. Nope I don't think so much of those days. When I walk outside outdoors I could swear we've had a massive sewer backup. I step back into the house, take a deep breath of nice clean air and go outside again. Yup, the famers are busy. I can only pray mother nature is kind and supplies a bit of a breeze. Blow that stink away. 
Living in the country, I never question where Walt Disney got his inspiration. Nature does not live in harmony. Ever. Critters are bossy. Especially the females birds. Their colouring allows me to tell some of them apart, but not all. Our blue Jays have me baffled. 
The other day, a blue jay flew to our jelly filled oriole jelly feeder. Normally, he or she is a seed eater. I watched as he took a bite of the jelly, swallowed it and proceeded to try another. 

I could hear his voice in my head.
"Ugh, that is too sweet.  Why do Adam and George and Lila eat that stuff?
He flew away.
The conversation in my head continues when that lovely blue bird gets home. Sitting in the next with it's partner, the toots begin. 
"Where have you been and what have you been eating?" The blue jay mate takes it's wing and places it over it's beak. I suddenly sympathize with them. "I can't even send you outside. We live outside. Go.  Stay away until the rumbling in your stomach stops."
And the blue jay is all smiles as it flies off. It has an excuse to continue to gorge itself. 
See, critters are more human than we give them credit for. 

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